Retail Confectioners International Tour 2023

Retail Confectioners International Tour 2023

The Retail Confectioners International (RCI) held its annual conference and expo in Milwaukee last week. RCI chose Fazio's Chocolate Shop as one of several local chocolatiers to tour. The goal of the visit was to share the techniques and flavors of our artisan chocolates and learn about what delights our shoppers! 

Four busloads of confectioners from around the country spent about an hour touring our shop and learning how we develop and craft our seasonal chocolates and classic treats.  We shared the inspiration for Fazio's to honor our Italian heritage.  Each tour attendee received a Gondola filled with artisan chocolates! 

A special thank you to our customers that were so patient while our special guests visited! 

We are so honored and thankful!

retail confectioners tour-2023-fazios-chocolate

RCI tour participants gathered in the retail part of our store to hear Cindy talk about our store's inspiration and commitment to our Italian heritage. Did you know that our signature line of artisan chocolates featured in the gondola are all named after our heritage? 

Fazio's Sweet Moments Sweet Life was inspired to honor our Italian heritage. Great Grandparents Leonardo and Maria arrived at the port of Ellis Island after a long voyage from Italy on the passenger ship 'Gertie.' This story inspires our Italian-themed artisan chocolates in Fazio's one and only gondola chocolate box!

fazios chocolate display of seasonal chocolates

The above photo showcases our seasonal collections for the tour participants to view. We received many excellent questions about the techniques used, the inspiration behind individual chocolates, how the chocolates are named, and the development of the flavors for our delectable treats.

fazios chocolates family business

As you know, Fazio's is a family affair! Cindy's mom and sister dressed like "Gondoliers" to bid the RCI tour participants "Ciao"! Each tour attendee received our signature gondola filled with our Italian-themed chocolates!


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