Cupid’s Pick

Cupid’s Pick


Solid Dark & Milk Chocolate Holiday Fun, She’s My Buttercup (Peanut Butter), Love Your Curves & Edges (Champagne), Frosted Peppermint Liqueur Truffle, Mint To Be (Mint), Lips As Sweet As Candy (Caramel),  Raspberry Pomegranate Liqueur Truffle,  Dark & Milk Chocolate Dunked Double Stuffed Sandwich Cookie, Irish You Were Mine (Irish Cream), Ain’t No Mountain High (Port Wine), Hunk a Burnin’ Love (Praline), Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, Horchata Liqueur Truffle, Love You A Latte’ (Coffee Caramel), You Rock (Peaunt Crunch), Lovers In The Night (Vanilla Crunch), Amaretto Liqueur Truffle, Dark & Milk Chocolate Toffee, Some Hot Stuff (Cinnamon), Milk Chocolate Pecan Snappie Turtle, Only Fools Rush In (Butter Rum), You’re My Cup Of Tea (Masala ChiaTea), Treasure You (Raspberry)

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Weight 17.85 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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