Handcrafted Chocolate

Handcrafted Chocolate

Port of Ellis Island chocolate cone

Americans buy their fair share of store-bought, manufactured chocolate bars. That said, over the past decade Americans’ palate is maturing for more robust, rich chocolate flavor. The popularity of premium gourmet chocolate is rising, and artisan chocolate makers are now taking chocolate confections to a whole new taste level.

The Hershey Company brought chocolate to the mass market over a hundred years ago. But as production and consumption of chocolate increased, its taste and quality plummeted. Most of the highly-manufactured chocolate we know best, like Hershey bars or M&Ms, is a lower grade milk chocolate made up of only 10-15% of cocoa solids; the rest of the bar is 85-90% sugar and milk powder.

Premium milk chocolate, on the other hand, contains a much higher percentage of cocoa solids (at least 30-35%), and the best milk chocolate is made from the highest quality cocoa beans. By adjusting the percentage of cocoa solids in the recipe, chocolatiers have also been able to create a wide array of delicious premium dark and white chocolate varieties.

Premium chocolatiers not only embrace a diversity of flavors, they use the very best cocoa beans. These skilled chocolatiers closely review the origin of their cocoa beans, how the beans are grown and produced. These highly trained and experienced chocolatiers become artisans at marrying exotic flavors and fillings that enhance chocolate’s attributes. To ensure the highest quality these magnificent delectable treats are produced in small batches, and many times contain no preservatives delivering the freshest product for your enjoyment.

The next time you are craving chocolate, don’t just reach for the highly manufactured and distributed chocolate bar, but rather indulge in a finer, handcrafted, preservative free and far more flavorful artisan chocolate produced by a local chocolatier. Explore the many offerings Fazio’s Chocolate Shop has to offer, you will not be disappointed… your inner chocolate lover (and your taste buds) will thank you!