The Italian word “gelato” simply translates to “ice cream”, yet Gelato is substantially different. Gelato contains significantly less fat than ice cream using a higher proportion of milk and a lower proporation of cream and eggs. Gelato is churned at a much slower rate, incorporating less air crafting a denser and milkier texture, with more intense flavor than ice cream. Because of the way Gelato is crafted, each bite possesses incredibly rich flavor and showcases simple yet delicious characteristics of natural ingredients.

Our Gelato uses wholesome milk, premium ingredients, and the best selection of fruit and nuts to provide the most incredible taste experience on this side of the pond. With an ever-changing menu of flavors, stop by anytime for a scoop… or 2!

Contact Fazio’s Chocolates for Gelato and seasonal sorbetto flavors. We also offer handpacked pints to go.