A Little Gratitude

A Little Gratitude

Transforming Your Workplace….. With a Little Gratitude


So, you might ask yourself, why is showing gratitude so important at my place of business?  There are many studies and research to support the importance of not just showing appreciation to employees, but showing real, honest gratitude.  Now, we bet you are wondering what is the difference between appreciation and gratitude?

Researchers define appreciation as the act of acknowledging the goodness in life—in other words, seeing the positives in events, experiences, or other people (like our colleagues). Gratitude goes a step further: It recognizes how the positive things in our lives—like a success at work—are often due to forces outside of ourselves, particularly the efforts of other people.

Just a bit of digging into the concept of gratitude reveals its positive impact in the workplace and the stronger bond our employees will have to your organizations.  In today’s competitive employee marketplace, there is no better time to demonstrate your honest gratitude for the contributions your employees make every day to support, promote and contribute to the success of your company.  Gratitude has an overwhelmingly positive effect on employee well-being. Findings in Psychology show gratitude within organizations is the most accurate predictor of job satisfaction. And a study in The Journal of Applied Psychology found that expressions of gratitude can increase employee commitment, literally cutting absentee days in half.

Given this research and findings, why wouldn’t you sprinkle your team with an occasional surprise of gratitude?  Unexpected acts of gratitude go a long way! Appreciated employees contribute and work at their highest level because they feel valued.  Now you may ask yourself, shouldn’t I wait for the holidays to thank them…and the answer is quite simple, NO. You should reward the team or the individual as soon as possible for their work.  Gestures of gratitude and accolades should be given in a timely manner. Great work environments don’t just happen, it takes consistent, meaningful, well planned, ongoing execution by management.  

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