5 Sweet Reasons Chocolate is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift!

5 Sweet Reasons Chocolate is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift!

We all have someone we want to show our appreciation to on Valentine’s day! It may be a spouse or significant other, a parent or even a grandparent.

No matter who it is, there is one thing that remains… giving the gift of chocolate! Decadent chocolates do more than just taste amazing, they show your feelings through their flavor. Everyone has a flavor that reminds them of something special. Whether it be the taste of eggnog that brings you back to a Christmas memory or a chocolate candy that reminds you of your first Valentine’s Day together.

At Fazio’s, we know the flavor. But like we said, giving chocolate isn’t just about taste. Here are a few other rich ways that chocolate shows your loved ones that you care.


1. Chocolate Can Make You Happy

Chocolate has a way of lifting spirits and has since its inception. Chocolate is proven to contain phenylethylamine which makes whoever is eating it feel happy! Additionally, many types of chocolate also have caffeine which also can help boost your mood. The feeling you get when you spend time with your loved one combined with the effects of chocolate is sure to put you in a romantic spirit.


2. Chocolate Can Be Beautifully Decorated

Chocolates can come in any size, shape or flavor which is why it makes for the perfect gift. Because we use a mold to shape the chocolate, you will have countless options to find the shape that expresses your love.  When you give luxury chocolate, like Fazios, you are showing how much thought and time you spent picking out a gift that your significant other is bound to cherish!

Additionally, because of the versatility of working with chocolate, your color options can run wild. Find something that you know will remind them of you with each bite.

And truly, at Fazio’s we believe it is the quality of the experience, not the quantity.  We find a quality piece or two of chocolate brings great satisfaction to our customers’ tastebuds!







3. Giving Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day Tradition

From the dawn of the heart-shaped box, giving chocolates on Valentine’s day has become a timeless tradition to show affection. Many people do not know that the tradition of giving chocolate as a symbol of love dates back to the Aztecs who would exchange chocolate on their wedding day.

This Valentine’s tradition lives on in pop culture and the“box of chocolates” has even been used to illustrate life.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. So enjoy every bite. – Forrest Gump”

Overall, people are drawn to chocolate to show how much they love each other and demonstrate their feelings which is probably why the tradition stuck!


4. Dark Chocolate Can Even Be Healthy

It is true! Dark chocolate is, in fact, a healthy antioxidant that your body uses to protect cells from the damaging effects of unstable molecules. So by giving dark chocolate as a gift, you are actually helping them detoxify their bodies while they get to enjoy a sweet treat.

What is better than sitting with the person you love, while enjoying a piece of chocolate that is actually GOOD FOR YOU?!  For the best dark chocolate, shop at a local chocolatier like Fazio’s Chocolate who offers a wide assortment of the highest quality dark chocolate.


5. The Flavor Reminds Your Loved One How Sweet They Are

A box of chocolates can provide a little reminder to whoever receives your gift. Every time they go to enjoy Fazios chocolate, that flavor is going to remind them of the day/night you both spent together. Now every time they have a craving for something sweet, you will pop into their minds. Showing affection to your loved one doesn’t always have to be right then and there. Sometimes appreciation comes in waves and you won’t even know it.

Overall, chocolate has stood the test of time as the Valentine’s Day gift. This year, surprise your significant other with a sweet, delectable box of beautifully decorated artisan gourmet chocolates from Fazio’s  Chocolate. Want to learn more about our prices and boxes? Feel free to contact us here or call at (262)923-7166.


Happy Valentine’s Day!